Behind the hack: This is how easily your business can be hacked

Watch as a certified ethical hacker breaks into 3 computers in just minutes

There are many risks that are out there that can attack your business, especially from an IT perspective.

There are automated tools that allow these hackers to target you 24×7.  They can grab your data and steal your login information.  They can then hold all of that in their pocket while asking you for money….or rather…..bitcoin.

We asked a certified ethical hacker to compromise a few different computers in a variety of ways.  He captured all of this on film from both a hackers point of view and you as the victims point of view.

And here it is….you don’t see this very often captured live in real time…..

First, he grabs all of your information and demands payment to return it.

Next, he uses a fake portal page that makes you think it is real and there goes your password.

Last, he shows you why it is critical to update your computer with the latest security updates.

These are really scary!  Here at, we have seen these attacks play out, and it is not fun.

We have just 3 questions for you.

  1. Is it clear how quick it can be for a hacker to get into your infrastructure?
  2. Are you running the latest and greatest security software and is your staff trained to spot intrusions?
  3. Can we review it for you?  We can guarantee that after a quick review, you can rest easy knowing what your security posture is or isn’t.

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